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Interest in a graphics, photography, movie, video, radio or television production career?

Communication & Multimedia Degree ProgramsThe communication arts majors explores the variety of skills needed to produce and disseminate messages in the 21st century across multiple platforms-digital, written, and visual.

A communication and multimedia program is designed to provide a broad basic understanding of the skills necessary for success in a number of careers including graphic communications, advertising, web design and film and video production.

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Communication & Multimedia Degree Programs

Media arts and visual communication professionals use the elements of design to create various forms of commercial art from graphics, to photography to video (ie. media arts and visual communication.) This coursework comes in the form of both "hands on" and a theoretical approaches to the act of communicating through color, motion and sound.

Aside from the graphic design and advertising industries, graduates of media arts and visual communication programs can also find themselves in movie, video, radio and television production careers. They possess the knowledge and skills necessary to operate cameras, audio equipment, computer editing stations, computer animation software, and other highly specialized tools of the trade.

If you have interest in the creation of media graphics, lighting, script writing, direction, production, special effects, or set design, a media arts and visual communication program will also satisfy your passion for creativity.

There are a number of communication and multimedia programs available for anyone interested in a creative career. There are courses available in both 4-year colleges and universities as well as in accredited art schools. Spend a few hours on the Web to choose a program that works best for you.

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