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Real Property Appraiser Programs & Degrees

Considering a career as a real property appraiser? Become an appraiser or want to move your career to a higher level, take that next step.Real Property Appraiser Programs & Degrees

 Already a licensed or certified appraiser and want to stand out from the rest?

A career in real estate can be challenging and rewarding. Even lucrative. It’s an attractive profession that requires a solid educational foundation.

Real Property Appraiser Programs & Degrees

The Real Estate & Real Estate Appraisal program is designed for students who plan to enter the real estate profession. Program includes in-depth exposure to real estate principles, practices, appraisals, sales, and much more. Appraiser programs are designed to meet the training and professional development needs of real estate appraisers. Through these programs, individuals gain the skills and knowledge required to meet a state continuing professional development needs, and contribute to individuals meeting the education requirements for the Appraisal Institute professional designations. If you plan on following the curriculum you should become familiar with the provisions of the real estate codes and with the licenses required.

Career Information

Yes, the real estate market does better in strong economic times (commonly referred to as the "seller’s market") but the demand for real estate services in an economic downturn (often referred to as the "buyer’s market") will never fully go away. This reality means that the real estate professional will also be in demand. Plus, as long as governments tax property, they will need assessors to provide them with information.

Real Estate professionals:

  • May work for banks, mortgage, and insurance companies
  • Can be licensed as an appraiser
  • Often have a bachelor's degree, but training varies

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