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QA Management Degree Programs

Find schools and colleges that offer QA Management degrees, certifications and programs. QA Programs are based on self-study and faculty supervisionQA Management Degree Programs

A Quality Assurance Management  degree may focus on a particular area and therefore be specialized, or it may be more general thus offering the graduate a wider range of job possibilities.

A company's reputation for quality is perhaps its most important asset. Companies can lose everything if their reputations suffer, because potential customers won't buy their products if they worry about the quality of those products. In some industries, quality assurance is a life and death issue. The food processing, pharmaceutical, biotech, and agriculture industries, among others, are regulated heavily because the quality of their products can affect a population's health.

QA Management Degree Programs

As you can probably see, companies have to be concerned with assessing the quality of their goods and services as a way to maintain favorable reputations. To do this, they often employ quality assurance professionals either within their firms, or have independent quality assurance firms audit them.

If you want to become a quality assurance professional, you may want to consider enrolling in a quality assurance (QA) management program. QA management programs fall into the category of a Master's of Business Administration degree, but focus on the quality assurance business. These days, earning a general MBA is often not enough to land you the job you want. Many employers look for more specific skills relative to a certain industry. QA management programs prepare students for management positions within the quality assurance field.

Many QA management students are currently employed in the quality assurance field, and enroll in QA management programs specifically to help their chances of promotion. Others enroll in QA management programs as a way to better familiarize themselves with this particular field while still learning valuable management skills.

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