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Communication & Multimedia Major & Degrees

Digital Communication & Media/Multimedia Degrees Communication & Multimedia Major & Degrees

Start your search for your Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia degree and jumpstart careers in the arts and electronic graphics development.

Below we've listed a few of the top computer animations schools and colleges offering advanced degree programs in animation, digital design and multimedia.

Have you ever wondered if there was a major for talking, writing or telling stories? Did you see Shrek 2 or Finding Nemo? These movies represented some of the most cutting edge computer animation that exists today. Both movies were blockbuster hits. It seems like audiences of all ages really take to animated pictures, provided that the movie also has an interesting story. The film industry has responded to the popularity of computer animation by investing more in animated films. The number of animated films released each year is increasing.

Communication & Multimedia Major and Degrees

All of this hype surrounding animation has also created more excitement in the animation profession. Many more artists are now looking towards animation as a way to both creatively express themselves and earn a living.

If you wan to become an animator, you should look into enrolling in a number of computer animation programs. There are plenty of reputable computer animation programs located throughout the country and online. By enrolling in a computer animation program, you'll learn how to use state of the art animation software while honing your drawing skills. You'll also spend some time learning about theatre and entertainment. A good animator should be able to understand how their animation effects rising a falling action within a movie.

If you want to enroll in a communication and multimedia program but are worried about how the demands of school will affect your full time job, think about enrolling in an online computer animation program. Online animation programs provide academic flexibility to the working professional. Online programs have become especially popular among animation students because the online format encourages visual collaboration. Students create an animated piece, and then email it to their instructors. Their instructors can work with the student in online forums from remote places.

Communication & Multimedia Schools
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