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Journalism and Photojournalism Degree Programs

Find the Journalism and Photojournalism schools, degree programs, colleges and training that focus on the use of still and motion photographyCommunication & Multimedia Major -Journalism and Photojournalism Degree Programs

Journalism and Photojournalism offers a host of career possibilities for candidates who aspire to make a career in this exciting field of work.

Journalism programs prepares students to be creative and critical thinkers in the rapidly changing professional world. The skills and flexibility of journalism provide students with a strong asset in our changing economy, which demands clear thought, strong writing, editing, and speaking skills.

Journalism and Photojournalism Degree Programs

Those interested in journalism could not have picked a better time to get involved. Not only is the world much more connected and "news-savvy," but major event also seem to be happening with much greater frequency. Elections, disasters, scientific discoveries, wars, attacks, and sporting competitions keep readers all over the world glued to their newspapers, televisions, and computer consoles. Although there are more opportunities for those with journalism training, there also exists a lot more competition as well. This is why securing formal education is so important.

Journalism and Photojournalism Programs

The days of starting out in the mail room and working your way up are quickly fading as competition for top journalism and photojournalism positions continues to increase. Thus, many employers prefer to hire those with at least bachelors in journalism or communications. Strong writing and research skills are essential for this job, which is why a four year degree is usually deemed the bare minimum for entry. At most journalism programs, students master areas such as critical thinking, wordprocessing, foreign languages, researching, citing, photography, publishing, printing, and interviewing.

Job Outlook for Journalism

Job prospects should be fairly favorable in the coming years thanks to the fact that news is a commodity that never really goes away. However, it's worth repeating that improved technology and heightened competition will make formal training more and more necessary as the years go by. Anyone interested in launching a career in journalism should seriously consider the merits of going to a four year accredited college to master all the essentials.

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