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Illustration Degree Programs

Find and compare Illustration degree programs. Choose a degree program and pursue a wide variety of available illustration careersCommunication & Multimedia Major - Illustration Degree Programs

Degree program in Illustration emphasizes visual communication and a mastery of technical and conceptual abilities and involves intensive education in the formulation of ideas, problem solving, and artistic skill.

Have you been looking for a way to hone your artistic skills and make a living from them? If so, you're in good company. Visual artists often have a hard time translating their skills into earnings. One reason for this is that artists don't find steady work. Instead, they create a few artistic pieces here and there and try to sell them at galleries. This strategy works for some artists but falls short for the majority of them.

Illustration Degree Programs

There are a few occupations that can provide visual artists with a steady income. Illustration is one of them. Many publishing companies and authors have partnerships with illustrators that guarantee them steady work. Of course, these arrangements don't pop up all the time, but it is possible to earn a decent living as a book illustrator.

Of course, becoming a professional illustrator takes some work. Most illustrators have spent some time in school honing their drawing skills. If you think you could use some focused study on drawing an illustration, you might want to look into some illustration programs around the country. There are a number of reputable illustration programs offered at both traditional schools and online at distance learning institutions.

If you are too busy to attend a weekly illustration class or weekend workshop, you might benefit from an online illustration program. Online illustration programs are designed with the working professional in mind. Online students can turn in their work and have it critiqued by instructors over the web, thus allowing both parties to do their work when they have the time.

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