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Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement Majors and Degrees

Law School question: What kind of bachelor's degree can you attend law school with? As a rule, any.

What is Involved with Studying Bachelor in Criminal Justice or Law Enforcement?

Bachelor law degrees generally tackle about three or four years full time although there are even correspondence courses available in some states. There are generally core courses that are required for bachelor law degrees the remaining courses offering you a fairly broad choice of subjects. You may study courses in: civil procedure, constitutional law, contracts, property law, torts, and legal communications. Most people follow a "foundation course" of these subjects then decide on a more specialized selection of related subjects to complete their program. You may find some of the following appealing: labor, tax, or corporate law.

Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Majors

What Careers Can I Follow with this Training?

There is more to becoming a lawyer than just a law degree. Having said that bachelor law degrees are an excellent grounding if you want to pursue a legal career. People who have graduated from bachelor law degrees can go on to spend about three of four years at law school. Most states require licensure to practice law and the bar exam must also be passed to become a fully qualified lawyer. Requirements to practice vary by state. There are still plenty of employment opportunities even if you don't want to become a fully-fledged attorney. You may decide to become a paralegal, researcher, abstractor, law clerk, magistrate, or high school teacher. You could even investigate opportunities within the courts or criminal justice system. Some of these may require further training, others may be happy to accept bachelor law degrees without further educational attainment.

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