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Forensic Nursing Degree Programs

An evolving health care field, forensic nursing encompasses a body of specialty professions that prepares nurses for career opportunities in law enforcement, social service agencies, medical examiners’ offices and the healthcare setting

Forensic nurses have a number of different roles. Some forensic nurses work in emergency rooms, examining and gathering evidence from patients who are the victims of assault. Others may work independently, providing consulting services for lawyers or other similar clients. Forensic nurses may specialize in treating and collecting evidence from victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, child and elder abuse, or emergency trauma. But in general, in whatever role forensic nurses work, they regularly interface with both patients and the legal system.

Forensic Nursing Degree Programs

A number of schools around the country have programs that can provide you with the training you need to become a forensic nurse. Most programs are geared toward individuals who are already trained as registered nurses and who are seeking advanced training. Typically forensic nursing programs award certificates upon completion, rather than an additional degree, but some forensic nursing programs offer master's degrees.

Typical coursework in a forensic nursing program includes topics like evidence collection, sexual assault and abuse as they relate to evidence collection, documentation procedures, and more. Many programs are available online, making it possible for you to acquire the skills and expertise you need to get a forensic nursing job on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home.

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