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Homeland Security Degree Programs

A homeland security degree program open doors to careers in domestic intelligence and border security.

Since 9/11, homeland security has become the #1 priority in the United States. So much so that President Bush set up a specific department to deal exclusively with the issue. In November 2002, President Bush introduced the Homeland Security Act and with it opened up new opportunities for employment. Having a specific department to deal with terror attacks and public safety on American soil requires a great deal of manpower. Airports, sports stadiums, and amusement parks are all areas where public safety issues must be met. Having homeland security training can make you an ideal candidate for a job in this field.

Homeland Security Degree Programs

Employment exists in all sectors of the community, such as policing and security agents. There are also opportunities with government agencies such as the CIA, FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). All of these agencies require agents to deal with issues of security and public safety.

The homeland security degree program will give you an understanding of a wide rage of topics: They may include aspects of emergency planning and security measures, along with studying the principles and procedures of safety. You can also expect to learn about civil and criminal justice, the use of emergency services and fire operations, and domestic and international terrorism.

The Transport Security Administration's current hiring objectives include 33,000 screeners in place in U.S. airports by November 2002! This is just one example of the potential growth for jobs in homeland security. A degree in homeland security can offer you unlimited employment potential.

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