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Trades and career training schools offering career-specific diploma, degree and professional certification programs.

Trades and career education and training prepares students in fields that are typically directly related to a specific trade, career or vocation. This is in contrast to academic programs at a college or university where education is usually broader based, and where more time is spent on teaching the theory and concepts of a particular field. However in some cases, trades and career education training can lead into a more advanced degree at a two- or four-year school. Also many students pursue a trade or career education right out of high-school so that they can get work related skills to pursue immediate employment while they then attend a university.

Trades & Career Majors and Degrees

Trades and career education and training is typically done as a post-secondary educational path, and can span varying levels of educational requirements from a post-secondary certificate which can be earned in a matter of weeks, to a two- or four year degree. Trades and career education programs are typically offered at community colleges and technical colleges, as well as some high schools, and other post secondary schools.

Typically trades and career education programs are offered as a sequence of courses that are supplemented by work-based, hands-on experience in the field, such as through internships or apprenticeships. A vocational education can prepare you for a wide range of careers, although the careers most commonly associated with vocational education are typically trade and industrial careers such as auto mechanics, computer technicians, medical technicians, electronics technicians, or communications technicians.

The benefit of a trades and career education for many is that it can provide a foundation of skills that will enable you to pursue jobs in your field as soon as you have completed. Vocational education is becoming more of a growing trend in education, and there are now vocational education programs in almost every industry.

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