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Environmental ScienceAs the world continues to consume the earth's resources in alarming quantities, the role of environmental science will only become more pronounced. Areas such as resources conservation and research, forestry, wildlife protection, wild-lands science, geology, and meteorology are becoming increasingly relevant in an age where global warming, diminishing ozone protection, and disappearing species threaten the survival of life as we know it. Fortunately, there exist numerous college programs that can equip individuals with the skills and training necessary to help preserve natural resources and restore Earth's delicate balance.

Environmental Science College Majors

Environmental science is actually an umbrella term that applies to all of the above areas. Thus, coursework might include various branches of metallurgy, biology, chemistry, environmental protection, activism, political science, wildlife and wild-lands science, international relations, natural resources conservation, environmental research, and other areas germane to this specific industry.

Job Prospects after Environmental Science College Programs

According to the US Department of Labor, job prospects for graduates of environmental science college programs will be extremely favorable due to faster than average career growth for this particular occupational field. And because this particular study by the Department happened prior to the sudden surge of abnormal atmospheric activity (Hurricane Katrina, for example), it stands to reason that demand for environmental scientists will be even higher than initially expected.

Source: US Department of Labor

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