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Appleton, Wisconsin Colleges

Learn the basics about colleges in Appleton, Wis., and what the local economy has to offer graduates.

Appleton, Wisconsin Career Colleges, Technical Schools, and Universities

Looking for accredited career colleges, technical schools, and universities in Appleton, Wisconsin. Each degree from a Appleton, Wisconsin Career College, a post-secondary for-profit institution, offers an education with an in-demand career field.

At career colleges in Wisconsin, you typically don't take general education classes in core subjects such as English and math. Instead, you focus on career-related courses.

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Appleton, Wisc., Colleges and Universities

Appleton is a city of about 78,000 located in northeastern Wisconsin, and was the boyhood home of Harry Houdini. However, students at Appleton colleges may not want to pull an escape act after graduating, as the area has a thriving economy with diverse businesses.

Appleton colleges

Appleton is home to Lawrence University, a liberal arts college founded in 1847, one year before Wisconsin became a state. Lawrence is especially well known for its conservatory of music, and about a quarter of the student body is enrolled in the conservatory. The school also offers a rigorous liberal arts curriculum, and prides itself on a robust individualized learning program. About two-thirds of its courses have an enrollment of one. While Lawrence's main campus on the banks of the Fox River near downtown Appleton is 84 acres, the school also has a 425-acre satellite campus on an estate two hours north. About 12 percent of its student body is from outside the U.S., coming from more than 50 countries. The 2011-12 tuition was $38,481. In the nearby town of Menasha, the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley is a two-year campus of the state university system, offering general education requirements for bachelor's degree programs. It enrolled 1,814 in Fall 2010.

Appleton economy

Chances are good that students at Appleton colleges will be printing out their essays on paper made locally: the Fox Valley region is a hub for paper and plastics manufacturers. There are 81 businesses in this industry cluster in and around Appleton, including SCA Tissue, Great Northern and Kimberly-Clark, which has a headquarters in the area. The cluster employs more than 11,400 people. Printing and publishing is another major industry in Appleton, with 66 businesses employing more than 4,600 people. Wisconsin Worknet reports the fastest-growing employment sectors in the Appleton area between 2000-2010 were education and health, at 35 percent, and leisure and hospitality, at 23 percent.

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Appleton, Wisconsin Colleges, Universities, and Schools
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