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Oklahoma: Prepare for your career "Sooner" than later

Oklahoma is called the Sooner state, and its motto is "Labor conquers all things." Researching and enrolling in Oklahoma colleges and trade schools are your first steps toward preparing for your choice of careers. Whether you're studying for a nursing career or want to be a roustabout on an oil rig, Oklahoma career training can help with achieving your career goals.

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Oklahoma: diverse economy provides variety of careers

Oklahoma boasts a vigorous agricultural economy with top crops including cattle, cotton, milk poultry and wheat. The state's industrial sector produces products including transportation equipment, machinery, electrical equipment and plastic and rubber products. Oil drilling and construction offer multiple employment opportunities.

Six of Oklahoma's largest employment sectors, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for May, 2010 include the following:

  1. Office administration: 257,550 jobs with a mean annual salary of $28,610 and mean hourly wage of $13.76.
  2. Sales and related occupations: 156,980 jobs with a mean annual salary of $29,150 and mean hourly wage of $14.31.
  3. Construction and extraction: 80,190 jobs with a mean annual salary of $35,840 and a mean hourly wage of $17.23.
  4. Education, training and library: 97,860 jobs with a mean annual salary of $39,190 and mean hourly wage of $18.84.
  5. Management: 77,130 jobs with a mean annual salary of $79,710 and mean hourly wage of $79,710.
  6. Installation, maintenance and repair: 68,510 jobs with a mean annual salary of $39,000 and a mean hourly wage of $18.75.

Oklahoma offers residents low home prices. During the first quarter of 2011, the median home price in Oklahoma City was $129,900, and $123,000 in the Tulsa metro area. Lower home prices may make it possible to buy a home soon after completing your career training and landing a job that's just right for you. Oklahoma career schools offer degree and certificate programs that require anywhere from a few months to four or more years of college education.

Oklahoma colleges and career schools offer career counseling and academic advisement

Research career training programs online and contact admissions counselors to learn more about training for your career. Financial aid and career development counselors can assist with planning classes according to your desired skills and the knowledge necessary for your career field. Financial aid counselors assist with applying and qualifying you for federal and local financial aid programs; trade and technical schools offering accredited degree and certification programs may also participate in financial aid programs.

Oklahoma shares its border with six states and is proud of its rich Native American heritage. The Cherokee Chickasaw, Chocktaw, Creek and Seminole Nations are represented on the state flag. Native American tribal and cultural venues offer performance and visual art, along with historically significant artifacts.

Lake Tenkiller, located East of Gore, is a clear water lake popular with scuba diving enthusiasts. The lake also offers excellent bass fishing. Lake Hefner, located in north western Oklahoma City, offers a great weekend spot for family activities including boating, and fishing for several species of fish including channel catfish and three types of bass. The western shore of Lake Hefner is home to many excellent restaurants, making it a good place to unwind after a busy week of studying and working.

Start your career path in Oklahoma today by contacting admissions counselors in the state's colleges, trade and technical schools.

Author: After working for more than 20 years in mortgage lending and related fields, Karen Lawson completed her BA and MA degrees in English at the University of Nevada. She enjoys writing about higher education and career topics.

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