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Alabama Counties

Alabama currently has sixty-seven counties. The oldest county, Washington, was created on June 4, 1800, when what is now Alabama was then part of the Mississippi Territory. The newest county is Houston, created on February 9, 1903.

Clarke County, Alabama History

Clarke County Education, Geography, and HistoryClarke County, Alabama Courthouse

Clarke County is a county of the state of Alabama. Based on the 2010 census, the population was 25,833. The county seat is Grove Hill. The county was created by the legislature of the Mississippi Territory in 1812. Clarke county is named in honor of General John Clarke of Georgia, who was later elected governor of Alabama.

Etymology - Origin of Clarke County Name

Clarke County was named for General John Clarke of Georgia.


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Clarke County History

Clarke County, Alabama

For thousands of years, this area was occupied along the rivers by varying cultures of indigenous peoples. At the time of European encounter, Clarke County was the traditional home of the Choctaw and the Creek people. They traded with the French, who had settlements in Mobile and New Orleans. They also were reached by some English and Scots traders from the British colonies along the Atlantic Coast. After the Louisiana Purchase, they started to establish relations with the United States.

In 1805, by the Treaty of Mount Dexter, the Choctaw conveyed large amounts of land in what is now southeastern Mississippi and southwestern Alabama, including much of the western portion of Clarke County, to the United States for settlement by European Americans

The Mississippi territorial legislature formed Clarke County on December 10, 1812. It was named for General John Clarke of Georgia. A county seat was not established until 1820, when it was located at Clarksville. In 1831 the seat of government was moved to Grove Hill (previously known as Magoffin Store, Smithville and Macon).

Clarke County is located in the southwestern portion of the state at the juncture of the Alabama and Tombigbee rivers. It encompasses 1,230 square miles. The county is a center of the state's timber industry. Notable towns include Thomasville, Grove Hill and Jackson.

The county museum is housed in the Alston-Cobb House in Grove Hill.

Geography: Land and Water

As reported by the Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 1,253 square miles (3,250 km2), of which 1,238 square miles (3,210 km2) is land and 14 square miles (36 km2) (or 1.1%) is water. It is the third-largest county in Alabama by land area and the fourth-largest by total area.

The Tombigbee River flows along the western edge of Clarke county, and the Alabama River runs along the eastern edge before the two meet and form the Mobile River at Clarkes's southern end. Several tributaries of the rivers, including Jackson, Tattilaba, Bashi, and Bassett creeks, cross the area.

Neighboring Counties

Bordering counties are as follows:

  • North: Marengo County
  • Northeast: Wilcox County
  • Southeast: Monroe County
  • South: Baldwin County
  • Southwest: Washington County
  • Northwest: Choctaw County


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