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There are sixty-seven counties of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the United States of America. The city of Philadelphia is coterminous with Philadelphia County, and governmental functions have been consolidated since 1854.

Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Tioga County Education, Geography, and History

Tioga County, Pennsylvania Courthouse

Tioga County is a county located in the state of Pennsylvania. Based on the 2010 census, the population was 41,981.Its county seat is Wellsboro. The county was created on March 26, 1804, from part of Lycoming County and later organized in 1812. It is named for the Tioga River

Etymology - Origin of Tioga County Name

Named for the Tioga River. Tioga is derived from an Indian word meaning "the forks of a stream."


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Tioga County History

Created March 26, 1804 from part of Lycoming County and named for the Tioga River. Tioga is derived from an Indian word meaning "the forks of a stream." Wellsboro, the county seat, was laid out in 1806 and incorporated as a borough on March 6, 1830. It was named for the Wells family,

Soldiers on the Continental Army's Sullivan Expedition in 1779 saw the potential of the area, but not until the Trenton Decree in 1782 abolished Connecticut's claims and the Ft. Stanwix Treaty of 1784 (the "Last Purchase") took title away from the Indians, did many settlers arrive. The Williamson Road, from Williamsport to Bath, was opened in 1793. The State Road to Wellsboro in 1800 brought in about five hundred settlers, mostly from Connecticut and New York. These residents did not advocate creation of the new county. In 1802 Aaron Bloss settled Blossburg and mined the high quality Bloss vein bituminous coal. An east-west road, begun in 1807, was essential. Forestry and agriculture controlled the economy from the first, but not until gristmills, sawmills, tanneries, distilleries, and iron works appeared in the 1840s was economic growth significant. The Corning and Blossburg Railroad was opened in 1840. By 1883 railroads connected coal fields with outlets on all four sides of county. 1890 saw the all time peak population: 52,313. The white pines were exhausted by 1865, but hemlock became marketable until it too was depleted, around 1900. Tanning leather was a major industry while there was hemlock; only one company remains today. Tobacco production and cigar making flourished from 1880 to 1900. Celery was a major product from 1900 to 1950. The coal-mining operators experienced labor unrest from the beginning. Now, mining has almost ceased. In the 1930s natural gas was discovered, sold off, and is now exhausted. Today dairying, corn, and maple sugar produce income. Farms cover 31 percent of the county. Corning Glass Works, two manufacturers of pipe fittings and related metal items, Wundies Corporation producing lingerie, and Borden Food Products, are major employers. In the years 1987 to 1992, the value added to the economy by this county's manufactures increased 71 percent. Hunting, fishing, water sports, and other tourism are strong, and there are extensive state forest reserves.

Geography: Land and Water

As reported by the Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 1,137 square miles (2,946 km2), of which, 1,134 square miles (2,936 km2) of it is land and 4 square miles (9 km2) of it (0.31%) is water.

Neighboring Counties

Bordering counties are as follows:

  • Steuben County, New York (north)
  • Chemung County, New York (northeast)
  • Bradford County (east)
  • Lycoming County (south)
  • Potter County (west)



Mansfield University in Mansfield is a member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

Public school districts

Canton Area School District (also in Bradford County and Lycoming County)
Galeton Area School District (also in Potter County)
Northern Tioga School District
Southern Tioga School District (also in Lycoming County)
Wellsboro Area School District (also in Lycoming County)

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