Washington, DC Motto

"Justitia Omnibus"

Washington, DC Seal

(Justice to all)

Adopted in August 3, 1871.

Language: Latin

Focus: Justice

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"Justitia Omnibus" has been translated as: "Justice to all."

The motto of Washington, DC., "Justitia Omnibus," was the first act passed by the District's first legislative assembly on August 3, 1871, created the corporate seal of the District of Columbia, which includes this motto.

Washington, DC Motto
"Justitia Omnibus"

There are three states with mottos that focus on justice:

  1. Alabama: "Audemus jura nostra defendere" (We Dare Maintain Our Rights)
  2. Nebraska: "Equality Before the Law"
  3. Wyoming: "Equal Rights"

The Great Seal of the District of Columbia depicts Lady Justice hanging a wreath on a statue of George Washington; the motto of the District of Columbia, "JUSTITIA OMNIBUS" (Latin for Justice for All); and "1871", the year in which the District was organized in its present form. In the background is the United States Capitol on the right; on the left, a train steams across a viaduct under a rising sun.

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