How to Succeed in College

Want to know how to be successful in college?

As in most other areas in life, hard work is the best thing you can do to succeed. Beyond that, there are a number of things you can do to ensure success in college.

Here's a list on How to Succeed in College .

So if you want to SUCCEED in college, the steps I have outlined below should steer you away from some of the most common pitfalls first year students tend to overlook and into the right direction.

  • To succeed, always go to your college class and arrive on time.
  • To succeed in college, take notes and actually read them.
  • Do the required reading and yes, take notes and read them.
  • Prepare for exams and tests and be successful in getting good grades.
  • Get to know your professors and instructors. This will help not just in your education but also later when you want those letters of recommendation.
  • If you don't understand something, ask. Professors and teaching assistants are there to help you succeed. They've chosen a life of trying to educate people. If you don't understand and they can help explain it to you, you'll learn more and demonstrate commitment. You'll succeed in also walk away from the class with a higher grade.
  • Work for a long term goal. Don't simply concentrate on the next class, think about what you want to be doing in ten years time. As an example, a good summer internship might not be as fun as a summer at the beach but it will help enormously later on.
  • Learn how to use the campus library. There is more wisdom there than you will ever need to succeed.
  • Take your health seriously. Eat properly, exercise, sleep enough, and, whatever the temptations, don't drink too much and you'll succeed in life as well.

Perhaps the most important thing in how to be successful in college? Say it with papers, not flowers. In other words, however much you get to know and like your professors and TAs, and they you, always do the assignments and hand them in.

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