Masters Degree May Be Right for Your Career

Master's Degrees Online and On Campus: Are They Right for Your Career?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that in 2005, professionals who had completed master's degree programs averaged $58,708 annually, while workers who only had their bachelor's degrees earned a median of $48,724 per year. The benefits of a master's degree program extend beyond a higher salary. Depending on your career choice, you might find that master's degrees could be necessary to earn promotions or to work in the area that interests you the most. Master's degrees, whether earned online or on campus, can help you to reach your career goals.

Opening Doors with Master's Degree Programs in Counseling and Master's Degrees in Social Work

In some professions, master's degree programs are standard. Completion of a master's degree program in social work (MSW), for example, is usually required for jobs in health settings, and is almost always required for clinical work. Most states require public school counselors to have their master's degree in counseling.

Advanced practice nursing specialties, clinical nurse specialists, anesthetists, nurse practitioners, and midwives, require at least a master's degree in nursing. People with master's degrees in nursing are in high demand, especially in medically underserved areas. Most programs for earning master's degrees last 2 years and require a BSN (Bachelor's degree in Skilled Nursing) degree.

The BLS reports that getting a master's degree in education usually results in a pay raise. Earning a master's degree in education can broaden your teaching range, allowing you to educate in a wider range of subjects.

Social work, counseling, nursing, and education are only some of the career areas in which a master's degree earned online or on campus can benefit you. A master's degree online might be a great choice if you have a busy schedule that prevents you from commuting to campus regularly for classes.

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