Can you help your career with an MBA?

Does an MBA make sense for you?

Kick Start Your Career with an MBA Degree

A recent study by Accountemps, a global staffing service, shows that 80% of surveyed executives cite MBA degrees as vital for climbing into management ranks. The expert technical and non-technical skills you gain from an MBA degree program will make you a strong contender in the business world.

MBA Degrees Improve Your Social Skills

Today's MBA degree programs don't just impart know-how in financing, strategy, marketing, and business theory; you also learn how to be a team player. Many MBA degree programs have added emphasis on polishing social skills in business settings. In your MBA courses you will learn how to relate to diverse groups of people, resolve conflicts, and uphold group morale. The bottom line is that developing good business relationships will help you earn money.

The Advantages of MBA Degrees Online

Online learning programs in the United States are gaining in popularity. In Europe almost all MBA degree or certificate programs are already distance-based and involve some sort of online learning. Besides allowing you to learn at your own pace, earning an MBA degree online will teach you how to use important new technology. For example, MBA degree programs depend on lots of Internet-based communication between students and faculty. Also, an MBA degree employs online videoconferencing and collaborative software that will allow you to exchange ideas with businesspeople across the globe.

Your MBA degree plan can help to advance your technical and non-technical skills. When you earn your MBA degree or specialized business certificate, you will have not only demonstrated that you understand how to earn money and use up-to-the-minute equipment, you will have shown that you can work well in a group.

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