What's an MBA Worth to You? 

"What's an MBA worth?" Sound familiar? It should.

How an MBA Degree or Post-MBA Certificate Can Boost Your Salary

Earning an MBA degree doesn't just widen your professional opportunities and increase your business knowledge base. More than likely, it will increase your salary as well. According to College Journal, an online division of the Wall Street Journal, the average salary for someone with only a bachelor's degree in business is $40,976 per year. Those who have completed MBA degree programs can expect a starting salary of $92,360 per year, with an additional signing bonus of around $17,603 per year. The MBA degree holders with the highest starting salary are those who have six or more years of experience before they enroll in MBA degree programs or post-MBA certificate programs. These recipients of MBA degrees make $100,887 per year plus a $17,521 signing bonus.

Turn to MBA Degrees and Certificates Online for Ease and Convenience

MBA degrees can now be earned online. In an online MBA degree program, you can receive the same high quality education of an on-campus program--with the additional bonuses of ease and convenience. Many MBA degree online students keep their current jobs, doing their coursework in evenings and on weekends, or whenever they have free time in their schedules. Online programs offer unparalleled flexibility for busy businesspeople.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, top executives at companies tend to be the highest paid people in the country. To increase your chances of becoming a CFO, CEO, CIO, or CTO, consider earning an MBA degree or post-MBA certificate either online or on campus.

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