Terms You Need To Know About College

Associates Degree, Bachelors Degree, ACT and SAT, Loans and Grants, and Tuition

Going to college means you are entering a new world - a world with its own language. If you're living away from home for the first time, you'll encounter firsthand some words you'll already know: rent, food budget, and landlord. Here are some equally crucial college-related terms:

Associates Degree

An Associates degree can be in arts (A.A.) or science (A.A.S.) and is usually what you get at a junior college; Associates degree programs typically last two years.

Bachelors Degree

A Bachelors degree is a more advanced degree in arts (B.A.) and science (B. S.). The Bachelors degree qualification is available through a four-year college or university.


The ACT and SAT is a variations on a theme. The ACT and SAT are the tests you'll take in junior or senior year at high school to assess your quantitative and linguistic skills. Along with your GPA, the ACT and SAT help determine which schools you can attend.

Loans and Grants

Loans and grants provide a number of different sources of financial aid to students. The most important thing you should remember is that loans have to be repaid and grants do not.


Tuition has two meanings. In the first, tuition is refers to the education you are receiving, the actual act of the instructor talking to you, teaching you. The second, tuition, is the money you're paying for this. It is worth remembering, when dealing with the first, quite how much the second is.

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