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Possibly the most difficult decision you will face in thinking about your college career is just which college or school you want to choose to attend. There are over 4,000 colleges in the US with nearly 16 million students to choose from. As each college also offers a number of different majors and degrees, it can be difficult to choose just which major will suits you.

Greetings from Mrs. Keller's Senior Career Class!

My name is Mrs. Keller and I am the Academic Advisor and Career Research Educator for grades 10-12. Currently, my senior classes are working on their college and career searches in preparation for college. Many of them are still undecided or need help with additional steps in finding the best college and career for them. I wanted to let you know that they came across this page  while doing research and found it to be very helpful. Thank you for providing helpful information on your page!

The reason for my email other than to send my kudos to you is on behalf of some of the seniors in my class. As I mentioned before a few students found your resources helpful to them and their research. College is a major decision and long process for students and their parents which is why they are required to take this career research class. They have been doing a great job in narrowing down their picks and findings helpful resources for this extensive process. Six of my seniors wanted to share some particular resources that they felt should be on your page for other students and parents to be able to refer to. I felt that was a great idea, so I have forwarded their suggestions and explanations to you. I have even offered them bonus points if you use their suggestions.

1) John A. -  I really like this college prep website. My brother went away to college last year and this was the site that he found that helped him and my parents. Now that I am getting ready for college I figured I would use this site because it was such a big help for him in finding the right college and preparing to actually go to college.

2) Shannon H. -
My two sisters have already gone away to college and both times my parents had a really hard time. I did not want my parents to have an even harder time with me since I am the youngest, which is why I found this college preparation guide for students and parents to be so helpful. It had other resources that my parents could use for coping with me going to college, which I wish they had when my sisters went away to school.

3) David S. -
I really liked the planning your future page from Berkeley. I was not 100% sure on the career path that I want to go down, but after taking some time reading these steps I have narrowed it down to three different careers.

4) Matthew C. -

My family came from the Dominican Republic when I was really young and did not have the opportunity to go to college. I am the oldest sibling so this is a new experience for my parents, my siblings and myself. I really liked this entire website since it offers a lot of tips for parents and students.
My parents have also learned a lot in regards to preparing for college which will help out my younger siblings.

5) Andrew M. -  My parents have helped me out a lot in paying for college, but it is so expensive and I want to avoid getting loans if I can. Other than working throughout school, scholarships and state grants are other ways that students can get college paid for. I thought this was a great resource regarding scholarships that all students should make sure they consider, along with applying to as many as they can.

6) Gabriella L. - My mom has become very worried about me going away to college, not just because I am a female but because of the fear that I am not knowledgeable on college life. I thought this website was perfect for her, and I was able to talk to her about what I thought about college life. It is important for parents to talk to their kids about college in all aspects including socially.

I really appreciate your time and thank you for reading my email on behalf of my senior students. I hope we all hear from you soon. Thank you.

Kind Regards
Mrs. Keller's Senior Career Class

KaileyAnn Keller
Academic Advisor and Career Research Educator
Grades 10-12
Office Hours: Mon-Weds 9-11am, 3-6pm; Thurs & Fri 9am-2pm

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