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Students are finding that they can improve their skills, finish their degrees, and improve their earning potential by taking classes from the comfort of home.

If you are browsing the Internet looking for college programs, you are probably already aware just how prevalent online and distance learning has become. In fact, as early as academic year 2000-01, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reported that over half of degree-granting institutions were offering distance learning at all levels.

The growth in E-education not only offers the opportunity to earn a degree from home, it also means that teachers and educators themselves require new skills. Whether teaching at an online college, or using multimedia or the Internet in classroom teaching, E-education degrees will equip you to teach at the leading edge of technology.

E-Education Degree Programs

What will I learn from E-education degrees?

You might study at master's degree level or major in E-education as part of a general education program. Your studies will combine training in the technology of E-education and the ways in which it is used both online and in a classroom location. Expect to master the use of computers, the Internet and online teaching, and multimedia materials, as well as understanding their role in 21st century education. E-education has a key role to play at all educational levels, from pre-school to doctoral degree.

E-education degrees job outlook

The job outlook for well-qualified teachers is already good and E-education is a growing field within education. Opportunities both to teach and to construct E-education materials should be increasingly available to graduates from E-education degree programs. The career potential that E-education degrees create will ensure that your investment in the education of others is also an investment in your own future.

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