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Education Master Degree Programs

Learn about the many options within an education masters degree and the different areas of specialization that you can take courses in, depending on your area of interest.

An education master degree is no longer a qualification held by only a few select teachers. In fact, education master degrees are held by a large proportion of education professionals. . According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)

"Overall, 41 percent of teachers at public schools in the 1999-2000 school year held a master's degree..."

Education Master Degree Programs

If you are teaching with a bachelor's degree, you will appreciate that very many teachers are now ahead of you in the race for career advancement. They have skills you may not, and their career outlook is stronger. You could so easily join them by earning an education masters degree to add to your existing qualifications.

A Master's of Education Degree will incorporate technological tools into your teaching curriculums, and adapt teaching methodologies as they evolve to suit your teaching style and position. A Master's of Education Degree facilitated teaching distance education to adults, working in education administration, or the design curriculum for educational institutions, or working as a corporate or military trainer.

Whatever your preferred area of study, your program will enhance and deepen your grasp of key issues and techniques vital to modern teaching and education practice.

Education masters degrees job outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics describes the outlook for teacher employment over the next ten years as varying from good to excellent. The precise outlook will of course vary by region and specialization. However, there is no doubt that well-qualified teachers can look forward to a promising employment market for some time to come. Earning an education master degree will ensure that you are placed to take full advantage of exciting and rewarding career opportunities in education.

Select a campus or online school offering a masters degrees program in education with a wide range of educational specializations, including curriculum and instruction, administration, adult education, computing, and early education.

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