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Special Education Degree Programs

Special education teachers often undergo longer periods of training than do general education teachers.

Special education teachers work with children and youth who have a variety of disabilities by modifying the general education curriculum to meet the disabled child's specific needs. Special education teachers work in a variety of settings. As a special education teacher you may have your own classroom and teach only special education students, or you may work with special education students for a few hours a day in a resource room, separate from their general education classroom. As a special education teacher, you will learn and use various techniques to promote learning among students with varying disabilities, and depending on the severity of the disability, you will be in charge of designing and teaching appropriate curriculum that will best help your students to learn and develop.

Special Education Degree Programs

Many colleges and universities offer programs in special education at the undergraduate, master's, and doctoral degree levels. Training to be a special education teacher may require you to undergo longer periods of training than if you were to study general education alone. Among courses taught in a special education program are educational psychology, child growth and development, as well as courses that will provide you with the specific skills and knowledge you will need for teaching students with various disabilities.

There are excellent job prospects for qualified special education teachers. A bachelor's degree and completion of an approved teacher preparation program, as well as a teacher's license are required in order to qualify you for most special education jobs. Many states also require a master's degree to teach special education.

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