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Indiana Counties

Indiana is divided into ninety-two counties. The oldest and newest Counties in Indiana are Knox County (created 1790) and Newton County (created 1857).Many Indiana counties are named for the US Founding Fathers and personalities of the American Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and Battle of Tippecanoe; early leaders of Indiana Territory and Indiana, as well as surrounding states like Michigan and Kentucky; plus Native American tribes and geographical features.

Delaware County, Indiana

Delaware County Education, Geography, and HistoryDelaware County, Indiana Courthouse

Delaware County is a county located in the state of Indiana. As of 2010, the population was 117,671. Delaware County was created on April 1, 1827. The county seat is Muncie. The county is named for Delaware Native American people.

Delaware County is part of the Muncie, IN metropolitan statistical area.

Etymology - Origin of Delaware County Name

The county is named for the Delaware, a Native American people who lived in the county.


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Delaware County History

Delaware County was organized January 18, 1827 and became effective April 1 of that year. It was named for the Delaware, a Native American people who still lived in the county. The Delaware were removed from the county in the 1840s. The county was once home to The Prophet, the brother of Tecumseh who instigated a native uprising in 1811. David Conner was the first settler to live in the county in the early 1810s.

Following the American Civil War the county experienced an economic boom after the discovery of natural gas that fueled rapid industrial growth in the surrounding area.

The first discovery of natural gas in Indiana occurred in the town of Eaton, in 1876. A company was drilling for coal and when they had reaching a depth of six-hundred feet, there was a great noise and bad smelling fumes began to come from the hole. After a partial investigation, many concluded that they had breached the ceiling of Hell, and the hole was quickly filled in. In 1884, when natural gas was discovered in nearby Ohio, the townsfolk recalled the incident and returned to the location and opened the state of Indiana's first natural gas well. The gas was so abundant and strong, that when the well was lit, the flames could be see from Muncie.

Delaware County is divided into 12 Civil Townships as follows: Center, Delaware, Hamilton, Harrison, Liberty, Monroe, Mount Pleasant, Niles, Perry, Salem, Union and Washington.

Geography: Land and Water

As reported by the Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 396 square miles (1,025 km2), of which 393 square miles (1,019 km2) is land and 3 square miles (7 km2) (0.66%) is water.

Delaware county is located close to the center of Indiana. The county is drained by White and Mississinewa rivers. The soil is fertile and the land is level.

Neighboring Counties

Bordering counties are as follows:

  • North: Blackford County
  • Northeast: Jay County
  • Southeast: Randolph County
  • South: Henry County
  • Southwest: Madison County
  • Northwest: Grant County


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