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Aviation Degree Programs

Online Aviation

Online Aviation  Degrees and Courses

Looking for online accredited career colleges and universities offering Aviation degrees. Each program from a Online Career College, a post-secondary for-profit institution, offers an education with an in-demand career field. As total higher education enrollment decreases, student enrollment in courses and degree programs at online colleges continues to rise. Today, millions of college students choose to take some or all of their courses online. Aviation: Aircraft Powerplant Technician and airframe mechanics work on repair and maintenance of private and commercial airplanes.

Online Aviation Degrees

Avionics and Electronic Training Courses For A Career In Aviation

Airplanes are incredibly sophisticated machines that rely on a vast network of electrical circuitry and wiring. Even the tiniest glitch can translate to disaster if not isolated, identified, and treated appropriately. That is why aviation electronics is such an important field in an age where travelers spend countless hours in the air everyday.

Aviation Electronics Defined

Aviation electronics programs will train you how to apply electrical systems to aviation equipment. This often includes communication, navigation, life support, pressure, and air-conditioning systems within an airplane or helicopter. Programs typically last anywhere from 18 months to four years depending on the level and intensity of the curriculum.

What You'll Learn through Your Aviation Electronics Program

Because there are so many different components that could potentially require troubleshooting, there is much to master regardless of how long your program lasts. In addition to electrical engineering, most programs will also train you in HVAC technology, advanced telecommunications, and GPS/satellite systems.

After the Aviation Electronics Degree

There are numerous positions one can assume after completing the appropriate coursework. Most aviation electronics specialists work at airport facilities to maintain and repair large commercial carriers for major airlines. But many professionals gravitate towards the manufacturing and engineering side of the industry. They assist aviation engineers with the design and creation of new air vessels. Because more and more people are taking to the skies every day, there is most certainly demand for those with aviation electronics training. If you complete the requisite training and certification, you will always have plenty of work.

Online Aviation Degrees
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