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Online Surveying  Degrees and Courses

Looking for online accredited career colleges and universities offering Surveying degrees. Each program from a Online Career College, a post-secondary for-profit institution, offers an education with an in-demand career field. As total higher education enrollment decreases, student enrollment in courses and degree programs at online colleges continues to rise. Today, millions of college students choose to take some or all of their courses online. Surveying is part of the civil engineering practice. Surveyors are important to construction, as well.

Online Surveying Degrees

If you love the outdoors and you don't want to be confined to a desk job, and you have an aptitude for mathematics, geography, and an inclination for using instrumentation, then a job in Surveying may be a great choice for you. Surveying is part of the civil engineering practice. Students who pursue an education in Surveying learn to use optical-reading theodolites, electronic distance meansuring equipment, aerial photogrammetry, global positioning systems (with the aid of high spped computers), robotic total station instruments, digital photogrammetry, and satellite remote sensing systems. For larger projects, professional land surveyors are increasingly using the highly precise Global Positioning System (GPS), which is a satellite system that locates points on the earth by using radio signals that are transmitted via satellites. Professional land surveyors establish land, water, and air space boundaries. Additionally, surveyors write descriptions of these boundaries for such documents as real estate deeds, leases, and other legal documents. They also provide data describing shape, contour, location, elevation, land dimension, and land features.

Online Surveying Degrees
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