The Advantages of a Professional Master's Degree   

How Does an Academic Master's Degree Compare With a Professional Master's Degree?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees with a master's degree average an annual wage of $57,304. While both academic and professional master's degrees can lead to a well-paying job, earning a professional master's degree has distinct career advantages over an academic master's degree

Complete Your Education with a Professional Master's Degree

Professional master's degrees are usually considered "terminal" master's programs, which means that they don't lead to doctoral programs. Usually, master's degrees have titles related to their field, such as master of business administration (M.B.A.), the master of education (M.Ed.), or the master of fine arts (M.F.A). Since a professional master's degree is the terminal degree in its field, you can expect to start work in your new profession immediately after graduation.

Gain Practical Knowledge in Your Field

Your professional master's degree studies will be slanted toward practical applications while the academic master's degree focuses more on theory and original research. For example, if you're in school for an MBA degree, you will not only learn to use advanced technology relevant to your field, you will also practice your business communication skills. This hands-on knowledge will help you make a smooth transition into your career.

While comparing the advantages of an academic master's degree versus a professional master's degree, consider the sensible rewards of a professional master's degree. Not only will you have attained the highest degree in your field, you will have gained lots of practical job-related knowledge while you are still in school.

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