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Search for accredited campus masters degree programs in a directory of campus schools, college and universities, and take your career to the next level. Online Master Degree Programs

Earning a Master Degree

After earning a bachelors degree from a college or university, you may want to continue your studies and secure a master degree. While you can earn a bachelors degree from a 2-year community college, you may need to attend a university to complete your masters.

Campus Masters Degree Programs

Online vs. Traditional Master Degree

You many choose to earn your degree from a local university, study abroad, or enroll in an online masters degree program. Many universities offer online degree programs to help students balance their education goals with other aspects of this life.

Types of Master Degrees

The master of arts and the master of science are the two most common types of master degrees. Master degrees are also available for other disciplines. The following list, though not comprehensive, lists some of the more common master degrees:

  • MAs. Or MEng - master of engineering
  • MBA - master of engineering
  • MFA - master of fine arts
  • MLS - master of library science

To get accepted into a masters program, you must first have earned a degree. Some universities will consider professional experience as fulfilling that requirement.

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