Increase Your Job Satisfaction with a Master's Degree  

Increase Your Job Satisfaction with a Master's Degree Earned Online or On Campus

According to the Conference Board, only 50% of Americans today are satisfied with their jobs. Earning a master's degree online or on campus will not only raise your earning potential, it can make you feel happier and more fulfilled.

Master's Degrees Mean More Responsibility and Autonomy

By earning master's degrees from an online education company or on a traditional college campus, students are setting themselves up for a promotion that leads to more responsibility and autonomy. Master's degree programs are especially beneficial in nursing and education. A master's degree in nursing can set you up for advancement to head nurse and director positions. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that increasingly, master's degrees in nursing are becoming requirements for these upper-level jobs. Also, master's degree programs in education are essential for anyone interested in working in education administration. People with their master's degrees in education manage the day-to-day operations of preschools, elementary schools, and high schools.

Choose a Master's Degree Program in Social Work or Counseling

A master's degree program in counseling or social work gives you the training you need to excel at your job. If you perform your job well, you are more likely to find it satisfying. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, master's degrees in social work are replacing bachelor's degrees as the standard degree for most positions. You usually need your master's degree in counseling to become a licensed counselor, and licensed counselors have access to the most attractive counseling job opportunities.

If you worry that you do not have time for a regular master's degree program, consider earning your master's degree online. A master's degree online gives you the same excellent education with increased flexibility over campus-based programs.

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