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Earn an online Art History Degree from an accredited colleges and universities.

In the social sciences concentration, students study the principle disciplines (history, philosophy, and political science) that impart an appreciation for intellectual, historical, and political accomplishments of humankind. This major helps students assume civic and social responsibility and sets them on the path for careers in public service and policy formation.

History Degree Programs

Most universities offer students the opportunity to earn a variety of history degrees from a B.A. to a PhD. Most undergraduate history degree programs will include a fairly well rounded set of courses including study of the arts and sciences, politics and the spread of political ideas, economic and technological changes in history, and the relationship of people to their communities. As you learn and ponder these issues in relation to history, you will write papers and analyses, and participate in seminars and discussion groups as a part of your history degree program. In an undergraduate history degree program there is also a great deal of emphasis on research, writing, and intellectual problem-solving, all of which can prepare you for graduate degree programs in history, or other subjects, or for careers in fields such as law, business, government, politics or public interest organizations, and journalism.

When pursuing a history degree at the graduate level, you will most likely have to narrow your focus to a particular area or time frame in history such as American history or modern European history, as study at a graduate level becomes much more in-depth. Courses at this level may include study of political history, diplomatic history, military history, intellectual history, quantitative history, social and cultural history, history of sexuality and gender, ethnic history, and public history, all within the context of a particular area of the world or time frame. Most graduate history programs are more flexible in terms of what you study, and often in these programs you are encouraged to take initiative and responsibility for determining your own program and what is emphasized in your study.

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