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What do Liberal Arts Colleges Teach?

Where vocational colleges offer training within a particular field for a particular career such as law, plumbing, or technician training, liberal arts colleges pride themselves on offering a broad based education. Originally, liberal arts became popular during the Middle Ages in Europe. They were created to offer a rounded education to men of high standing. In other words those who had land and were wealthy enough not to have to learn a trade to earn a living

Liberal Arts College Programs

What does this study path include? Liberal studies programs offer challenging interdisciplinary study to anyone with the curiosity to pursue interest in general knowledge. Occupations in the worlds of business, education, the arts and the sciences find a wealth of candidates possessing that the skills and abilities gained through liberal education. Coursework in liberal studies includes creative and critical thinking, oral and verbal communication.

Traditionally core subjects included history, art, music, rhetoric, geometry, astronomy, philosophy, and science. These days, a far more relaxed approach is taken, and some liberal arts colleges use the term to mean humanities. You may study music, languages, science, art, philosophy, sociology, and literature. There is generally plenty of flexibility in choice of subjects. You may find that previous training or experience can be taken into account too.

What Careers Can I Follow with this Training?

Many people like to study in liberal arts colleges before concentrating heavily in a vocation such as law, medicine, or business administration. Many vocational colleges require entrants to be graduates, and a well-rounded education in liberal arts can be an ideal grounding. Other potential places of employment might include federal government who are more concerned with an applicant's ability for analytical thought, critical thinking, organizational skills, and time management.

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