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What is Involved with Studying Irish Studies?

Ireland has a rich and colorful history as well as some much darker periods such as the potato famine and the troubles over the border in Northern Ireland. Most people are proud to claim Irish ancestry, but few know anything of its Celtic origins, unique language, and folklore. Ireland's history has been long and bloody, torn apart by famine, greed, and religion. It has also produced incredible music, poetry, art, and literature. The Book of Kells skillfully combines all of these art forms. It is difficult to give an idea of what a typical Irish studies program might involve since there is so much to study. You might study social and economic history, Irish literature, medieval arts and illuminated manuscripts, sociology, film, music, or Gaelic, the Irish mother tongue.

Irish Studies Programs

In order to truly get a flavor of this beautiful country and its people, try and ensure you spend time there. Visit The Burren, and the windswept Atlantic coast, or enjoy the breathtaking delights of Galway. Of course no visit would be complete without some time in Dublin, the Irish capital.

What Careers Can I Follow with this Training?

Irish studies offer a unique insight into another culture, thousands of years old. Obvious careers include positions within the tourism industry. Irish studies offers a broad based education, and the skills you'll learn are sought after in some seemingly unlikely sounding places. Federal and state government are always looking for graduates who can exhibit good organizational, time management, and analytical skills.

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