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Middle Eastern Study Programs

The Middle East Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program that coordinates and organizes events relating primarily to the Arab world, Israel, Iran and Turkey

What are Middle Eastern Studies?

The Middle East is a subsection of area studies and is a region, which stretches from North Africa across to the Chinese border in Asia. Middle Eastern countries include: Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Syria amongst others. There are many reasons why there is an interest in Middle Eastern studies including its oil based economy, and historical importance from the points of view of several religions. It is also home to "The Fertile Crescent" otherwise known as Mesopotamia. This is where civilization is thought to have begun. Certainly the area is rich in archaeological artifacts and several religions place special significance on the region.

Students may study the culture, history, politics, economics, religions, and geography of the Middle East. The various regions alone are a fascinating subject and range from Judaism, through Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism.

Middle Eastern Study Programs

What Careers Can I Follow with this Training?

Middle Eastern studies are almost like studying the creation of civilization itself. Certainly this subject would be extremely useful for anybody considering living and working in this region, although fluency in a Middle Eastern language would be almost essential. Becoming a member of staff in an embassy or consulate may also appeal. Your understanding of the region's cultural differences, politics, and economy could be very useful indeed. You may even decide to specialize in aiding foreign trade or business with countries in the Middle East, or encouraging trade from this region. Federal government often looks for graduates who have skills in analysis, critical thought, team management, and logic.

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