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What is Involved with Studying Graduate Law Programs?

If you want to become a lawyer, not only will you need to study for bachelors, you'll need to study graduate law programs in law school and pass a bar exam. Studying for both undergraduate and graduate law programs in order to become a lawyer takes around seven years in total. While there are conversion, fast track courses, and part time graduate law programs, this forecast is based on full time education. Each state has its own set of training requirements for licensure, some will accept experience, others insist on formal education.

Graduate Law Programs

A bachelor's law degree will teach you standard legal procedures, ethics, and give you a good overview of the legal and criminal justice systems. What it will not do is give you practical experience in researching, forming, and arguing a case. Law schools offer practical experience in front of real judges using real life case histories. Law school is also designed to hone your skills and allow you to specialize in a particular area. Law is so complex, and the subject so vast that nobody can really be expert in all areas. You may decide to seize in tax law, family law, or criminal law for example.

What Careers Can I Follow with this Training?

Law school is ultimately designed to teach you to become an attorney. There are many different specialties in which you could concentrate. Depending on your interests, past performance, grades, and popularity of courses, you might choose corporate law, international law, or tax law. You might decide to work in private practice, local, state, or federal government, or even go back into academia.

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