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Legal Nurse Degree Programs

Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate Programs & Courses from accredited Legal Nurse School.  In addition to Legal Nurse Consultants, a certain number of registered nurses have become fully trained as paralegal.

If you are a nurse you may be interested in applying your knowledge of health to the legal field by working in a law office as a Legal Nurse. Depending on your nursing credentials and the Legal Nurse college program you pursue, you can obtain a Legal Nurse (DNP) degree or, if you are a registered nurse, you can earn an RN to BSN/Legal Nurse degree.

Legal Nurse/Paralegal Degree Programs

A Legal Nurse (DNP) degree will usually take you two semesters to complete. You'll learn about topics including legal research, law office procedures, civil litigation, law and medicine and legal writing. Once you finish the program you will have earned an Associate's Degree and you'll be able to work as a paralegal for a law firm, assisting a lawyer in brief preparation, research and office administration tasks.

If you pursue an RN to BSN/Legal Nurse program you will receive both clinical and science instruction, emphasizing both theoretical and practical aspects of the nursing profession. Additionally you will acquire the office, research and law and medicine skills necessary for the demands of a legal office. Once you have completed the BSN program you will be eligible to work as a paralegal for a law firm, and you will have completed a prerequisite for admission to graduate nursing programs.

Legal Assistant/Paralegal Schools
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