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Master Law Degree Programs

M. (Master of Laws) is an internationally recognized postgraduate law degree. It is usually obtained by completing a one-year full-time program.

What is Involved with Studying Master Law Programs?

Master of Law programs or "LL.M"s are generally designed to offer further education within a particular field of interest. Most times they are offered in conjunction with a student's chosen field of study as a JD (Juris Doctor or Doctor of Law) or soon afterward. There is a range of subjects, which may appeal to students; one of the most popular is international law. As travel times between countries diminish and trading opportunities and travel increase, the risk of breaking foreign laws rises. These are often complex and poorly understood by those unlucky enough to have breached them. This could well be the reason behind international law's popularity.

Master Law Degree Programs

Specialties may include contracts, matrimonial law, tax, international law, comparative law, and research methodology. Coursework or research and a significant dissertation is often a requirement. Bear in mind that if international law is of particular interest a healthy understanding of a foreign language is usually a prerequisite.

What Careers Can I Follow with this Training?

Surprisingly, many people do not concentrate on a legal career, but use their skills, experience, and expertise to enter a very wide range of careers. A non-legal first degree often paves the way. You may be interested in business administration, or you might be attracted by government and politics. Further training is generally required if you decide to return to education as a lecturer or teacher, or if you want to become a judge.

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