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Online Law Degree Programs: Law Programs Online

Would you like to earn an online law degree from the comfort of your own home?

What is Involved with Studying Online Law Degrees

Online law degrees can offer far more flexibility in allowing students to further their career prospects. Becoming a lawyer generally takes about seven years of full time study: a first bachelor's degree, followed by three years at law school. Each state differs in what is deemed to be acceptable training. Some insist on full time campus based education, others are more flexible and allow students to learn online, or even take years of relevant work experience into account. Bar exams at the end of campus based and online law degrees are a requirement in every state. Many also require additional examinations, licensure, and membership of certain industry governing bodies.

Online Law Degree Programs: Law Programs Online

Online bachelors in law are also available. You might study contract law, tax, matrimonial law, grievance procedures, ethics, the court system, and sentencing. The beauty of studying online, is you can learn as and when you like. Improving your education is now possible even if you have a young family to look after, or if you are currently in full time employment.

What Careers Can I Follow with this Training?

This depends largely on what type of online law degrees are studied. If you study a bachelor's, then you may find employment as a paralegal, working in a court, or as a legal clerk. You may be interested in working within a police department or within penitentiaries. Some large organizations have their own legal departments, so opportunities may exist here. Federal and state government employ many graduates where the subject of your degree is not critical, but skills in logic, critical analysis, and organization are essential.

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