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Oklahoma Counties

There are seventy-seven counties in Oklahoma. Oklahoma originally had seven counties when it was first organized as the Oklahoma Territory. These counties were designated numerically, first through seventh. New counties added after this were designated by letters of the alphabet. The first seven counties were later renamed. The Oklahoma Constitutional Convention named all of the counties that were formed when Oklahoma entered statehood in 1907. Only two counties have been formed since then

Cimarron County, Oklahoma

Cimarron County Education, Geography, and History

Cimarron County, Oklahoma Courthouse

Cimarron County is the westernmost county in the state of Oklahoma. Based on the 2010 census, the population was 2,475,making it the least populous county in Oklahoma. Its county seat is Boise City.

Located in the Oklahoma Panhandle, Cimarron County contains the only community in the state (Kenton) that observes the Mountain Time Zone. Black Rock Mesa, the highest point in the state, is in the northwest corner of the county. Throughout most of its history it has had the smallest population and the lowest population density of any county in Oklahoma.

Etymology - Origin of Cimarron County Name

a Spanish word meaning wild or unruly. The full name of the river in Spanish having been "the River of the Wild Sheep."


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Cimarron County History

Cimarron County was created at statehood in 1907. Before the Oklahoma Organic Act was passed in 1890, the area had belonged to what was known as 'No Man's Land", also known as the "Public Land Strip." This was a relatively lawless area, with no organized government. It attracted many outlaws to seek refuge here. In 1890, the strip became known as Beaver County, Oklahoma Territory. Informally, it was known as the "Oklahoma Panhandle." There were only two communities in the strip. One, Carrizo, had 83 residents in 1890, while the other, Mineral City, had 93 residents. Otherwise, the land was used primarily by sheepherders from New Mexico.

Seven communities vied to become county seat after statehood: Boise City, Cimarron, Doby, Hurley and Willowbar. A county election in 1908 selected Boise City.

Oklahoma History Center
Covering a total land and water area of 1,842.2 square miles, Cimarron County is the farthest west of the three Oklahoma Panhandle counties. Black Mesa, in the northeastern corner of the county, is the highest point in Oklahoma, rising to 4,972.97 feet above sea level. In the county's northern portion the Cimarron River flows eastward turning north into Kansas, while the North Canadian, or Beaver River, traverses the county's southern section. Cimarron is the only county in the United States that touches five states: Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and its own, Oklahoma. Kenton, in the far northwestern corner, is the only Oklahoma community on Mountain Time. The county is served by US Highways 56/65/412 east and west and 287/385 north and south....CIMARRON COUNTY

Geography: Land and Water

As reported by the Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 1,841 square miles (4,770 km2), of which 1,835 square miles (4,750 km2) is land and 6.1 square miles (16 km2) (0.3%) is water.

It is the fourth-largest county in Oklahoma by area. It also has Oklahoma's highest point at 4,973 feet (1,516 m) (AMSL) on the Black Mesa.

The northern part of the county is drained by the Cimarron River, which flows eastward, then turns north into Kansas, The southern part is drained by the North Canadian River (also called the Beaver River). The man-made Lake Carl Etling lies inside Black Mesa park.

A location 300 yards (270 m) east of Rt. 287/385 and 1.75 miles (2.82 km) south of the Cimarron River is the only place in the US less than 27 miles (43 km) from five different states: 26.99 miles (43.44 km) from Kansas, New Mexico, and Texas and 7 miles (11 km) from Colorado

Neighboring Counties

Bordering counties are as follows:

  • Baca County, Colorado (north)
  • Morton County, Kansas (northeast)
  • Texas County (east)
  • Dallam County, Texas (south)
  • Sherman County, Texas (southeast)
  • Union County, New Mexico (west)


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