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Oklahoma Counties

There are seventy-seven counties in Oklahoma. Oklahoma originally had seven counties when it was first organized as the Oklahoma Territory. These counties were designated numerically, first through seventh. New counties added after this were designated by letters of the alphabet. The first seven counties were later renamed. The Oklahoma Constitutional Convention named all of the counties that were formed when Oklahoma entered statehood in 1907. Only two counties have been formed since then

Noble County, Oklahoma

Noble County Education, Geography, and History

Noble County, Oklahoma Courthouse

Noble County is located in the north central part of Oklahoma. Based on the 2010 census, the population was 11,561. Its county seat is Perry. It was part of the Cherokee Outlet in Indian Territory until Oklahoma Territory was created in 1890, and the present county land was designated as County P. After the U. S. government opened the area to non-Indian settlement in 1893, it was renamed Noble County for John Willock Noble, then the Secretary of the Interior.

Etymology - Origin of Noble County Name

Named for John W. Noble, Secretary of the Interior in President Harrison's Cabinet.


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Noble County History

During the 18th and 19th centuries, the area now occupied by Noble County was used as a hunting ground by the Osage Indians. In 1835, a treaty with the Cherokees made it part of the so-called Cherokee Outlet. During the time of Cherokee ownership, white cattlemen who belonged to the Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association leased grazing land from the tribe. Later, reservations were created in the northeastern part of the county for the Otoe and Ponca tribes. These reservations existed until 1904, when the lands were allotted and added to Noble County.

The Cherokee Outlet became part of Oklahoma Territory at the time of the Oklahoma Organic Act, and was divided into counties. After the 1893 opening of the Cherokee Outlet for settlement by non-Indians, the land was divided into counties. One county, originally designated as County P, was renamed in honor of John W. Noble, interior secretary in 1893. The town of Perry was laid out in August 1893 as the county seat and land-office town

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Situated in north-central Oklahoma, Noble County consists of 742.44 square miles of land and water area. Bordering counties include Kay on the north, Garfield on the west, Logan and Payne on the south, and Osage and Pawnee on the east. Perry is the county seat. Lying within the Osage Plains/Redbed Plains physiographic region, the countryside is marked by bottom lands of two major creeks and by gently rolling, grassy uplands. Noble County is drained by Red Rock Creek in the north and by Black Bear Creek in the south; both empty into the Arkansas River, which forms part of the county's northeastern boundary....NOBLE COUNTY

Geography: Land and Water

As reported by the Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 743 square miles (1,920 km2), of which 732 square miles (1,900 km2) is land and 11 square miles (28 km2) (1.4%) is water. The Arkansas River forms part of the county's northeastern boundary. Two of its tributaries, Red Rock Creek in the north and by Black Bear Creek in the south, drain the county before emptying into the Arkansas River.

Neighboring Counties

Bordering counties are as follows:

  • Kay County (north)
  • Osage County (northeast)
  • Pawnee County (east)
  • Payne County (south)
  • Logan County (southwest)
  • Garfield County (west)


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