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Vermont State Motto

"Freedom and unity"

State Motto and Seal of Vermont

Adopted in 1779.

Language: English

Focus: Union vs. State and Liberty and Freedom

See Vermont State Seal

Vermont's state motto, "Freedom and unity," was adopted as an element of its official seal. Adopted in 1779.

The first Great Seal of Vermont, designed by Ira Allen and made by Reuben Dean of Windsor in 1778, was accepted by resolution of the General Assembly on February 20, 1779. That seal wore out so a new seal was made in 1821. While this included many of the basic design elements of the original seal, it was distinctly more pictorial, rather than symbolic, in character. Seals in several variations of that second design, which was similar to the State Coat of Arms described elsewhere, were used over the next 115 years. In 1937 a new seal was adopted, this a precise reproduction of the original Ira Allen design. It remains to use today.

Vermont State Motto
"Freedom and unity"

These state have mottos that reference the union:

  1. Illinois: "State Sovereignty; National Union"
  2. Kentucky: "United We Stand, Divided We Fall"
  3. Louisiana: "Union, Justice, and Confidence"
  4. Nevada: "All for Our Country"
  5. North Dakota: "Liberty and Union Now and Forever; One and Inseparable"
  6. Vermont: "Freedom and Unity"

Vermont Law

The law designating the official Vermont state motto is found in the Vermont Statutes, Title 1, Chapter 11.

This statute describes the Kentucky coat of arms, crest, motto and badge. The motto is specified within this description.

Title 1: General Provisions
Chapter 11: FLAG
1 V.S.A. § 491. Coat of arms; crest; motto and badge

§ 491. Coat of arms; crest; motto and badge

The coat of arms, crest, motto and badge of the state shall be and are described as follows:

(1) Coat of arms. Green, a landscape occupying half of the shield; on the right and left, in the background, high mountains, blue; the sky, yellow. From near the base and reaching nearly to the top of the shield, arises a pine tree of the natural color and between three erect sheaves, yellow, placed diagonally on the right side and a red cow standing on the left side of the field.

(2) Motto and badge. On a scroll beneath the shield, the motto: Vermont; Freedom and Unity. The Vermonter's badge: two pine branches of natural color, crossed between the shield and scroll.

(3) Crest. A buck's head, of natural color, placed on a scroll, blue and yellow.

Title 1: General Provisions
Chapter 11: FLAG
1 V.S.A. § 493. State seal

§ 493. State seal

The state seal shall be the great seal of the state, a faithful reproduction, cut larger and deeper, of the original seal, designed by Ira Allen, cut by Reuben Dean of Windsor and accepted by resolution of the general assembly, dated February 20, 1779. The seal shall be kept by the secretary of civil and military affairs.

Title 1: General Provisions
Chapter 11: FLAG
1 V.S.A. § 495. State flag

§ 495. State flag

The flag of the state shall be blue with the coat of arms of the state thereon.

Mottos of the States
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State motto is a word, phrase, or sentence inscribed on or attached to a coin, building, or other object. The motto states an important idea for a group of people within the state.
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