Long-Range Planning For College

Long-Range Saving Plans and Tax Efficient Long-Range PlanningPaying for School

For many people, how to pay for a college education is one of the first major financial decisions they'll make. 

A college degree can be invaluable, but it does come with a hefty price tag. A college education can be a major investment - for many families, the cost is second only to a house. And just as with the purchase of a house, long-range planning can help enormously. Organize and plan the payment of your tuition fees.

Long-Range Saving Plans

There are various loan schemes for students, most starting repayment 6 months after graduation. However it might be a good idea to start a long-range saving plan when the child is still young, lightening the burden they'll have to repay. If you save just $25 a week from when the child is in diapers you could have up to $50,000 by the time college comes around. The most basic thing about any savings plan comes into play here: make it automatic. Have the money taken directly from your paycheck or bank account into the plan. Somehow it always works out that if savings are the last piece of the family budget, there just aren't ever any savings.

Tax Efficient Long-Range Planning

Most states offer something called a "529"plan for long-range planning. This might come with a tax deduction for money put into the plan and different states have different rules, so check around. Only a parent can withdraw the money and it must be spent on education but it could be the sort of long-range planning you need.

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