Government Grants Programs - Paying for School

Grants are based upon financial need, as calculated by the federal aid program.

Paying for School

For many people, how to pay for a college education is one of the first major financial decisions they'll make.

Let's face it. Going to college is pretty expensive. Most agree that earning a college degree is worth the expense in the long run, but its hard to realize that when you see the daunting college price tag in front of you. Luckily, there are many ways to get out of paying your entire tuition bill. Tapping into government grants is definitely one of these ways. Knowing your options is the best way to get financial aid.

The government provides a number of grants to help offset the cost of a student's college education. The most common grant given to colleges students is the Pell Grant. It is a need-based grant that most students apply for while applying for college. Since 2002, the most a student could get from a Pell Grant was $4,050 per year. The amount a student receives depends on his or her family's financial situation, and on how much the school charges in tuition, among other variables.

Besides the Pell Grant, there are a lot of other government grants set aside for education. Students who want to take advantage of this government money often have to do some research. For example, if a student's parents are in the military, they might be eligible for a government grant specifically targeted towards military families. This information may not be readily available in a high school guidance counselor's office. Students on the search for government grants can find a lot of information online, especially on government websites.

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