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Exercise Science & Health Programs and Degrees

Build a fitter, healthier America. Inactivity and poor nutrition have led to an increasingly overweight and unhealthy U.S. population.

It is now generally accepted that with regards to the nation’s health, prevention is better than cure. With this in mind, we are being encouraged to educate ourselves to maintain our own good health and fitness. Consequently, the demand for professionals with a health and exercise degree has been steadily increasing.

A degree in Health and Exercise Science prepares you with the knowledge to promote health, prevent disease, and ultimately improve the quality of life of individuals and communities.

Exercise Science & Health Programs and Degrees

Health and exercise schools will provide teaching that explores subjects such as health education, physical training methods, sports psychology, English language, biology and physiology, customer care, business administration and sales and marketing techniques. The training you receive will enable you to perform the kind of responsibilities attributed to many jobs in the health and exercise sector. These typically include the planning of physical education programs, the demonstration and instruction in the use of training equipment, the evaluation of physical ability and potential, analysis of performance and the education of your clients in safety and health.

A health and exercise degree or similar is the kind of qualification you will need in order to help you succeed in a number of related careers including sports coach, physical therapist, fitness instructor, health and wellness writer and athletic trainer, to name a few. Many health and exercise professionals are expected to have qualified to bachelor degree level and you will find that, as well as universities, health and exercise colleges offer these programs. If you would like to advance your career, a master’s degree will qualify you for positions such as clinic director, exercise programmer, exercise technician and sports and health researcher.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for those with Health and Exercise degrees is expected to increase rapidly in the coming years.  We offer a variety of schools, colleges and universities to obtain a degree and start working toward your Health and Exercise career today.

Employment in the areas of exercise and wellness, kinesiology, and healthy lifestyle promotion is expected to increase 19-37% from 2010 to 2020, according to O*Net Online. Growth will be driven by efforts to reduce health care costs by teaching people about healthy habits and behaviors.

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