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Health Information Management Programs

Health Information Management program provides you with the fundamental skills necessary to begin a career in health information management.

Whether you are looking to begin a career in health information management or continue studies in health care information technology, health information management programs from a qualifying school will provide the training you need.

Health Information Management Programs

The core courses of most programs will examine the health care system and your role as health information professional. Your courses will bring you up to date on current practice and theory in all areas of health information technology. Key topics will include managing finance and accounting, health information management, health ethics and law, program planning and evaluation, methods in research, and managing human resources. In some programs you may have the opportunity for applied learning either in your current employment context or in another pre-arranged work situation. The faculty for your program will likely include managers experienced in health information technology or from general health management fields. You will leave with a greater understanding of your role in the health care information technology field, preparing you for competent work in related organizations.

Certificate programs usually involve approximately one year of full time study while a bachelor degree requires two or three years of study depending on prior achievements.

Prepare for a new career, a promotion, or for advanced studies with a health information management program.

Health Information Technology/Records Schools
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