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Naturopathy Degree Programs

Naturopathic Medicine offers a holistic approach to healing.

With many millions of Americans every year choosing to consult practitioners in alternative medicine it is a thriving field and can offer absorbing and rewarding work to people with naturopathic medicine degrees.

Naturopathy Degree Programs

Naturopathic medicine is (as the name suggests) a natural approach to medicine and healing which tries to see the patient as a whole rather than a collection of symptoms, and seeks to treat disease by stimulating the patient's own internal healing capacity.

There are numerous routes to the practice of naturopathic medicine, most of which can be studied through a degree, diploma, or certificate program.

Herbologists study how to grow, prepare, and use herbs and plants to improve health and treat some ailments.

Iridologists examine the iris of the eye to find reflection of changes and problems in other parts of the body

Holistic Nutritionists study food and eating in the context of an individual's total physical and spiritual life.

A bachelor's degree in natural health can offer the study of a combination of naturopathic subjects and others can be studied by way of a concentration or a specialized diploma.

Naturopaths often practice through direct contact with patients or clients, recommending treatments to improve the patient's health and life style. They may also find work as teachers, writers, or consultants to businesses dealing in health foods and similar products.

Alternative Medicine/Healing Arts
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