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Respiratory Therapy Technician / Assistant Programs

There are two credentialing levels for respiratory practitioners. They include certified respiratory therapy technician and registered respiratory therapist.

Without sufficient oxygen supplies, our bodies simply cannot function. We must constantly breathe in order to ensure that our vital organs and muscles operate smoothly and efficiently at all times. But because many people suffer from various respiratory ailments, they must receive regular (and sometimes immediate) medical attention whenever necessary. Those who graduate from respiratory therapy technician/assistant programs provide much-needed support in these critical times of distress, discomfort, and potential death.

Respiratory Therapy Technician / Assistant Programs

Respiratory Therapy Technician/Assistant College Programs

A respiratory therapy technician or assistant assists the primary therapist with evaluating, treating, and caring for patients who suffer from breathing and cardiopulmonary complications. Given the sensitive nature of this work, formal training is required at the associate level or higher, often through Allied Health and Medical Assisting Services. Coursework typically includes chemistry, microbiology, physiology, human anatomy, pharmacology, mathematics, pathophysiology, and cardiovascular medicine.

Respiratory Therapy Technician/Assistant Job Prospects

With sufficient training from Allied Health and Medical Assisting Services or comparably accredited college programs, students should enjoy extremely high demand after graduation. According to the US Department of Labor, opportunities for respiratory therapy technicians and assistants will grow much faster than the national average for other occupations. This is in large part due to the fact that baby boomers will need unprecedented levels of medical care as they develop respiratory complications after retirement.

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