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Washington Famous People: Greeting from Washington

Links to histories and biographies of the famous people of Washington. Many famous people of Washington have made significant contributions to the history of our nation and the state of Washington. These famous Americans, famous entertainers, famous players, famous scientist, famous singers, famous statesmen, famous women, heroes, great explorers, and others Washington famous Americans have all made Washington their home. This list includes Washington historical figures, celebrities and those individuals of Washington who have influenced the lives of others.

Famous People from Washington

  • Bob Barker (1923 - ) Born in Darrington, Washington, Robert William Barker grew up on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota where his mother was a schoolteacher. He grew up to become one of the best known television game show hosts in history. He served as the host of "The Price is Right," the longest running game show, and received a Lifetime Achievement Award for Daytime Television in 1999. His first game show was "Truth or Consequences" in which he debuted in 1956. He has appeared twice in the Guinness Book of World Records for having taped 3,524 shows ("most Durable Performer") and for having awarded more than $55 million in prizes on his shows ("Most Generous Host"), and has won 11 Emmys as a Game Show Host.
  • William Boeing (1881 - 1956) Aircraft manufacturer who founded the Boeing Aircraft company; lived in Seattle.
  • Kurt Cobain (1967 - 1994), a sickly, anti-social and depressed child, went on to lead the band Nirvana, the "grunge" band that redefined the sound of the nineties and kicked off what became known as the "Seattle sound." The band's song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" became Nirvana's most highly acclaimed song, and made Cobain and the band overnight millionaires. This new-found wealth and Kurt's ongoing bouts with depression and his drug use came together in his eventual suicide in 1994 at the early age of 27.
  • Fred Couples (1959 - ) Professional golfer; born in Seattle.
  • Bing Crosby (1903 - 1977) Born Harry Lillis Crosby in Tacoma, Washington. "Bing" began singing with a local group while a student at Gonzaga University. By 1925, Crosby went to Los Angeles and developed a singing act. When he became a solo star on the radio, he soon became a popular singing idol, and began to appear in movies. His relaxed "crooning" style was especially popular among Americans during the Depression years, and his comedic timing on stage made him a hit both as a singer and as a performer. He starred in more than 100 movies, and won an Oscar for his role as a priest in "Going My Way." By 1943, he was among the top ten box office attractions for 12 years. Aside from show business, Crosby loved sports, especially golf.
  • Bill Gates (1955 - ) Chairman and Chief Software Architect of Microsoft Corporation; born; grew up in Seattle.
  • Jimi Hendrix (1942 - 1970) Rock & roll guitarist; born in Seattle.
  • Hank Ketcham born Henry King KetchamHank Ketcham (March 14, 1920 - June 1, 2001), born Henry King Ketcham in Seattle, Washington, Hank Ketcham attended the University of Washington, and then went on to Hollywood and began working for Walter Lantz Productions and then Walt Disney Productions as a film animator. He worked on Disney's "Pinocchio" and "Fantasia." In 1951, he developed the idea for a panel comic strip based on his four-year-old son, Dennis. "Dennis the Menace" earned Ketcham an award as Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year in 1952. He had drawn "Dennis the Menace" for more than 50 years when he died in 2001.
  • Kenny Loggins (1948 - ) Singer, songwriter; born in Everett.
  • Phil Mahre (1957 - ) (born May 10, 1957) is an American former champion alpine ski racer, widely regarded as one of the greatest American skiers of all time. His total of 27 World Cup race wins is third among Americans, behind only Bode Miller and Lindsey Vonn.
  • Francis Scobee (1939 - 1986) Astronaut; born in Cle Elum.
  • Hilary Swank (1974 - ) Oscar winning actress; born in Bellingham.
  • Adam West (1928 - ) Actor who played the original Batman; born in Walla Walla.
  • Audrey Wurdemann (1911 - 1960) Pulitzer prize winning poet for Bright Ambush.

More Famous People of Washington

Find more more Washington famous people below. You may not even realize many of these famous people were born in Washington or notable associated with Washington, including actors, actresses, explorers, historical figures, inventors, musicians, novelists, professional athletes, important politicians, singers, sport stars and more.

  • Douglas Dorland Anderson archaeoligist, Olympia
  • Earl Anthony bowler, Kent
  • Dyan Cannon actress, Tacoma
  • Chester F. Carlson inventor, Seattle
  • Carol Channing actress, Seattle
  • Judy Collins singer, Seattle
  • Bob Crosby musician, Spokane
  • Merce Cunningham choreographer, Centralia
  • Howard Duff actor, Bremerton
  • Frances Farmer actress, Seattle
  • Robert Joffrey choreographer, Seattle
  • Gypsy Rose Lee entertainer, Seattle
  • John Walker Kendall scientist, Bellingham
  • John Knowles author, Faumont
  • Mary McCarthy author, Seattle
  • Guthrie McClinticproducer, director, Seattle
  • John McIntire actor, Spokane
  • Robert Motherwell artist, Aberdeen
  • Patrice Munsel soprano Spokane
  • Jimmie Rogers singer, Camas
  • Seattle Dwamish Suquamish chief
  • Smohalla Indian prophet and chief
  • Martha Wright singer, Seattle
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