Washington State Symbols

Washington State Symbols, Emblems, and Mascots

Washington Symbols, Emblems, and Mascots

Washington, well known for its incredible salmon fisheries, is home to several large international corporations including Amazon.com, Microsoft, and Starbucks. With its numerous museums, galleries, festivals, mountain ranges, and vineyards, students have a wide choice of unique and diverse opportunities.

In 1853, the Washington Territory was formed from part of the Oregon Territory. Named in honor of George Washington, Washington was the 42nd state to join the Union, in 1889. Its coastal location and Puget Sound harbors give it a leading role in trade with Alaska, Canada, and the Pacific Rim. The state has two major mountain ranges--the 7,000-foot Olympic Mountains surrounded by temperate rain forest on the peninsula west of Puget Sound, and the more majestic Cascade Range, which boasts the 14,410-foot Mount Rainier and the volcanic Mount St. Helens, which erupted twice in the 1980s. Although the capital is Olympia, most people live in the metropolitan areas of Seattle-Everett and Tacoma. The state tree of the "Evergreen State" is the western hemlock (Tsuga Heterophylla), and the flower is the western rhododendron.

Washington State Symbols contains descriptions and pictures of the state symbols, emblems, and mascots of the state, which can be quickly accessed. This resource guide represents many of Washington state facts such as Washington state symbols, the state flower, the state gemstone, the state insect, the state tree, the state bird, the state animal, the state flag that flies over Washington, and the capital, as well as many more symbols, emblems, and mascots.

Washington State Symbols, Emblems, and Mascots


Symbol Name - (Species)

Amphibian Pacific chorus frog
(Pseudacris regilla)
Arboretum Washington Park Arboretum
Bird Willow Goldfinch
(Carduelis tristis)
Dance Square Dance
Day Arbor day
Endemic mammal Olympic marmot
(Marmota olympus)
Fish Steelhead Trout
(Salmo gairdnerii) to (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Flag State Flag
Flower Coast Rhododendron
(Rhododendron macrophyllum)
Folk Song "Roll On Columbia, Roll On"
Fossil Columbian Mammoth
(Mammuthus columbi)
Fruit Apple
Gem Petrified Wood
Grass Bluebunch Wheatgrass
(Agropyron spicatum)
Insect Green Darner Dragonfly
(Anax junius Drury)
Marine Mammal Orca
(Orcinus orca)
Motto Al-ki or Alki
(bye and bye)
Nicknames NA
Quarter Washington State Quarter
Seal Great Seal
Ship President Washington
Ship Lady Washington
Song "Washington, My Home"
Tartan State Tartan
Tree Western Hemlock
(Tsuga Heterophylla)
Vegetable Walla Walla sweet onion
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